These audio files are often (but not always) my newly revised and spoken versions of teachings that I have offered elsewhere or essays that are also posted on this site.
For myself, I find the speaking and listening to be a sweet and powerful way to rest the teachings in my daily heart and mind and life.

Sacred Moments, Even Now

I contemplate the “in between” moments of my day, the moments of quiet in the midst of confusion and struggle, moments when I am invited to pause and open to the sacred gifts waiting to be revealed in my so-very-ordinary life.



Everything Is Illuminated

When we encounter the difficult, we are invited to slow down, to pause – even with this – to bring a kind curiosity, an investigation of this difficulty as a doorway to some new growth, new understanding, new possibility, new light.

        “Embracing the Hurt, we learn to trust that there is something greater, something                mysterious and full of grace.”                        Thanissara