Guided Meditations

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Breath: The invitation is to enjoy simple awareness, here, now, of this body, breathing.


Coming Home to the Body:



Working with Difficult Emotion: We are invited to Recognize, Accept, Investigate and Release Identification with challenging emotional states



An Appropriate Response: Another Meditation on Practice with Difficult Emotion   (from Shalom House, April 2017)

Finding clarity and an appropriate response to the emotional tangles that we encounter in our lives requires energy, skillful discernment, kind attention and patient diligence. In this guided meditation, there is an invitation to bring these qualities to a particular and personal emotional stuck place as we invite the emotion to open and reveal its wisdom for our lives.

Note: The beginning of this recording was cut off, so it begins just a short way farther into the meditation; the part that is missing would have invited you to please consider for a moment and choose an emotional “stuck place” with which you would like to practice.

So, before you listen, please take a moment to do that: contemplate a bit and pick something with which you would like to practice.  It is recommended that you look for an emotion that is in a middle range of difficulty for you: one that feels unclear and challenging enough to invite a curious interest but that is not so immense that it will immediately overwhelm your energy and capacity for self-kindness and care. So, for starters, please choose something that is not the biggest, most tangled, most difficult, most formidable emotional experience that you have.

The recording then picks up as I start by invite you to get a general sense of the body/mind experience of that emotional experience.


(…and another…) Guided Meditation on Cultivating Presence with Ease in the Breath and Body



Guided Self Compassion: an invitation to cultivate compassion for our own pain, humanness, confusions  and frailty: our own suffering:



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